Gateway to Universal Love Class

Master Chou offers a 7-day course to teach us how to connect to Universal Love light and to obtain spiritual growth, transcending our current conditions to become filled with love and light.

You will receive the Spiritual Root transmission, opening up the nucleus of your Light of Spirit and activating the main center of your life energy. You will practice a form of standing meditation, called "Standing Like a Pine."

You will learn simple, practical and effective Spiritual Exercises, including Bowing, which focus on spinal column alignment to release the trapped energies of your physical and soul bodies, and clear away negative emotions and remove discomforts from your body.

You will experience a rainbow spectrum of Multi-Leveled Light Healing (red - orange - yellow - green - blue - indigo - purple) and move from the physical body level to the spiritual level. You will connect to the source of all healing in the universe and use the light of spirit to heal yourself.

You will awaken the Inner Healer in you and be able to perform Healing Hands of Universal Love on your family and friends.

After 7 days, you will be filled with confidence, hope and courage and have a totally new understanding of your life and the world in which you live.

Registration Please contact Charapter coordinators
San Jose Chapter Joy Ro
Los Angeles Chapter Ruby Lai
Other Chapters Joy Ro
Class Sharing

Gateway to Universal Love Light class at TaoYuan Compassion Field, Taiwanvideo link

Gateway to Universal Love Light class at DongHai Compassion Field, Taiwanvideo link

Gateway to Universal Love Light class at KaoSung Compassion Field, Taiwanvideo link