HoChi Universal Love Dharmas

Dharma categories

HoChi Universal Love Dharmas consists of self cultivation dharmas and application dharmas. Self cultivation dharmas include the energetic practices of Standing Like A Pine, Bowing, Walking, and HoChi Practice. Application dharmas include Healing Hands of Universal Love and HoChi Support.

The principle behind the energetic practices

HoChi Universal Love energetic practices work with the refined and subtle energies of the soul body and the light body.

When we are in alignment with spirit and in harmony with Universal Love Light, our subtle energies resemble the form of a rounded ball with a vertical pathway at the center which connects us to heaven and earth.

This form appears in Chinese as the character ?, which means centered or balanced. In the west, it appears as the letter Phi in the Greek alphabet. Phi also represents the number 1.618, called the golden ratio, a sign of beauty and harmony, which appears in the proportions of the human body, plant and animals, DNA and the solar system.

The 0 - shaped and 1 - shaped energies

This harmonious energy form is the union and integration of two energies, the rounded ball which we refer to as the 0-shaped energy, and the vertical pathway which we refer to as the 1-shaped energy.

The 0 - shaped energy is associated with maternal attributes; a person having an adequate amount of 0 - shaped energy exhibits the attributes of tenderness and nurturing; therefore we also refer to this as the maternal energy.

The 1 - shaped energy is associated with paternal attributes; a person having an adequate amount of 1 - shaped energy exhibits the attributes of strength and authority; therefore we also refer to this as the paternal energy.

Root cause of diseases

Disharmonious thoughts and actions create blockages that cause distortions and deviation in our energy form; and the resulting deviations and distortions give rise to further disharmonious thoughts and actions. This can become a negative cycle where accumulated blockages eventually manifest as disease in the physical body.

Attempts to cure the disease at the physical level only address the symptom of the disease, not the roots. Without eliminating the root cause the blockage and the thoughts and actions that caused it - the disease is likely to reappear sometime down the road.

HoChi Universal Love dharmas realign our energies

HoChi Universal Love dharmas give us the tools to reshape our energy into the harmonious form while removing and releasing the blockages that are distorting our energy.

Standing Like A Pine works with the 1 - shaped energy. Bowing works with the 0 - shaped energy. Walking and HoChi Practice integrates the two energies together.

With consistent and persistent practice, HoChi Universal Love dharmas give us the means of healing the root cause of diseases; we will exhibit health in body, mind and spirit.

The intention behind the applications

The ultimate goal of spiritual cultivation and practices is to manifest spirit in our daily lives and to serve mankind. HoChi Universal Love applications are tools that allow us to serve and to practice manifesting the compassion of spirit.

With Healing Hands of Universal Love, we bring Universal Love Light through our hands to those in need. The gift of compassion, warmth and hope activates the self-healing process that is inherent to every being.

Universal Love Light is not bound by time or space. With HoChi Support, we can bring the compassionate blessings of Universal Love Light to the living, the dying, as well as those who have passed on.

Through these tools, we learn to serve; through our service, we learn to be compassionate; and through our compassion, we realize our oneness.

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