Welcome to HoChi Universal Love

HoChi Universal Love is a path of spiritual cultivation and practice. HoChi Universal Love helps us to connect to the source of all love and light in the universe - Universal Love Light. Once connected, Universal Love Light will illuminate our being, recharge the spirit, nurture the soul, and rejuvenate the body.

HoChi Universal Love cultivation and practice are taught by Master Michael Chou. Master Chou is an enlightened master whose intention is to make the world a better place by helping people to reconnect to spirit and to manifest spirit.

Through various classes and workshops, Master Chou teaches students to connect to Universal Love Light and to apply Universal Love Light in their daily lives.

Master Chou's teachings are called Dharmas. Dharmas are the energetic encapsulation of Master Chou's own cultivation and practice. Receiving the dharma - listening to the teaching with an open heart - has the effect of shifting the student's energy so that the student can easily experience the state described by the master's words.

In order to advance on the spiritual path, a student must augment his cultivation and practice with service to mankind. Master Chou teaches his students various Universal Love Light applications, one of which is Healing Hands of Universal Love. Students are able to use Healing Hands of Universal Love to bring love and light to the community at large.

Gratitude and Blessing are essential practices for students on the path of HoChi Universal Love. Invocating the Universal Love Blessing creates intention, dissolves negative patterns and establishes new patterns of positive thought and action.

Many students have benefited from Master Chou's teachings. If you are interested in learning more about HoChi Universal Love, please feel free to contact us.